Extended Reality

What is Extended Reality (XR)? It is typically defined as the spectrum spanning the three technology pillars of Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR) and Virtual Reality (VR). At AcceleratXR we think a little differently. 

We see the XR spectrum as a convergence of interaction spanning all of computing history from the earliest personal computers to advanced virtual reality headsets and location based experiences. Thus our definition has five technology pillars.

Classic Reality [CR]

The first pillar of XR is classic reality. This encompasses all classical computing devices such as the personal computer, laptop and mainframe server systems to which users interact with using input devices such as a mouse and keyboard. These experiences offer the minimal amount of immersive experience but have allowed people to transport to new worlds and explore undiscovered countries for decades.

Portable Reality [PR]

The Portable Reality (PR) pillar is made up of the mobile device revolution. Touch screen cell phones, handhelds and tablets. These devices have brought about an unprecedented level of interactivity allowing people of many cultures to experience one another like never before.

Augmented Reality [AR]

Some of the earliest Augment Reality (AR) experiences were simple overlays of digital information using a live camera feed of a mobile device. While this didn’t require revolutionary new technology it was ground breaking in that it changed the way people thought of computing and how it can be integrated into daily life.

Mixed Reality [MR]

Mixed Reality is the convergence of virtual reality and augmented reality. First attempted by Google with their Google Glass this new medium is gaining a lot of attention due to its ability to overlay the digital world over the real world. With the release of Microsoft HoloLens and the upcoming Magic Leap One the future of Mixed Reality is looking bright.

Virtual Reality [VR]

While Virtual Reality (VR) got its first start in the 90s it wasn’t until the Occulus Rift that things started to really heat up. Finally, users could completely transport themselves to entirely new worlds and universes all from the comfort of their own home in the most immersive interactive experience to date.

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