AcceleratXR is first and foremost a game technology company. As long time veterans of the game industry we understand what it takes to build deeply immersive social worlds that can reach millions of players. We’ve been doing it for decades for some of the biggest and most beloved franchises in the game industry.

As game developers we searched long and hard to find available solutions that would enable us to quickly build these massively multi-player online worlds. Frustrated by the realization that existing technology solutions lay behind the closed doors of large corporations and publishers we decided to develop our own. Our solution is AcceleratXR, an open technology platform for building the next generation of massively multi-player online games.

While other solutions may provide a basic level of connectivity and services for players we think our solution is different. By focusing on features first we are able to provide a suite of turn-key systems and services that enable any developer to build any type of game they desire. So whether you’re trying to build the next World of Warcraft, League of Legends or Pokemon Go, AcceleratXR technology will help get you to the finish line faster, cheaper and more reliably than has ever been possible before.

We also understand the importance of protecting our intellectual property (IP) which is why we have chosen a decentralized architecture for our platform that makes it possible to easily integrate individual systems and features with existing infrastructure. Whether you have a large legacy code base or are starting from scratch AcceleratXR technology will fit in easily and comfortably.

These are just some of the features AcceleratXR provides out of the box.

  • User Account Management
  • Authentication & OAuth2 compatible Single Sign-On
  • Matchmaking
  • Game Server Management
  • Asset & Localization Management
  • Real-Time Communication Server
  • Push Notification Services

We understand that a platform is only as good as its tools. That is why AcceleratXR technology includes rich and powerful software development kits for integrating into any existing game engine.

We have an easy to use and mature C++ SDK library as well as robust plug-ins for Unreal Engine 4 and Unity.

Check out our documentation site for access to the code and more information.

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