Introducing Xsolla Backend!

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of your game’s gross revenue

  • Free Hosting
  • Source Available
  • Unlimited Support
  • Business Benchmarking
  • Live Monitoring

Frequently Asked Questions

AcceleratXR was acquired by Xsolla in 2023. Since being acquired we are rebranding AcceleratXR to Xsolla Backend effective immediately.

Yes! Most of our customers integrate Xsolla Backend as-is, without needing to customize anything. Careful attention has been paid to implement every system and feature in a way that covers a wide variety of common use cases.

Absolutely! Our tools and technology are written with the highest standard of code quality and have been meticulously designed for maximum flexibilty and rapid iteration. We strongly believe online and multi-player technology should be free and open. That’s why we’ve made our complete source code available to anyone.

No. Our technology is completely free for non-commercial projects and just 5% of your commercial product’s gross revenue.

We understand that everyone has different needs. Some developers prefer to completely own the infrastructure and others simply want to sit back and let someone else deal with it.

For those that prefer everything to “just work” we offer free hosting. Our free hosting means that we will do all the hard work for you. From maintaining infrastructure to scaling services, data backups, covering the bandwidth charges and more. Our team makes sure that your cluster(s) stay up and running at all times. And the best part is it doesn’t cost you anything extra!

Support is free and unlimited! Ask as many questions as you like, we are here to help. We can even help you integrate Xsolla Backend into your game.

Each managed Xsolla Backend free hosted cluster maintains its own set of database instances running within the namespace. As a result, these database instances are directly accessible to every customer. Unlike some other solutions, direct database access is included in every managed plan at no additional charge.

In addition to maintaining isolated database instances for each cluster within a namespace, each database utilizes strong authentication, encryption in transit and encryption on disk so that your data always protected.

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