Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay money to use AcceleratXR?

No. Our technology is completely free to use until your product reaches $100,000 in gross revenue. Full source code is available for download here. We call this AcceleratXR Core. There are enough features in the free Core edition of AcceleratXR to not just get you started but allow you to build a fully functioning multi-player online game or app. Some of the features in Core include account management, matchmaking and our real-time communication server.

How much do I pay if my product earns more than $100,000?

Products that earn more than $100,000 in gross revenue must pay a 4% royalty on each unit sold after the first $100,000. For example, if your product grosses $150,000 then you would owe a royalty payment of $2,000 on $50,000. If your product costs $10 on the Apple Store this is also equivalent to $0.40 of each unit sold.

The royalty percentage is also variable depending on what support subscription plan you have. For Studio subscribers the royalty is only 3% of gross sales.

No royalties are owed for customers on a managed services plan.

What is the difference between managed and self-hosted?
We understand that everyone has different needs. Some developers prefer to completely own the infrastructure and others simply want to sit back and let someone else deal with it.

The self-hosted pricing plans are for the do-it-yourself customers whom can dedicate resources to maintain and scale their own server infrastructure. These customers get premium features as well as dedicated support when they encounter problems.

For those that prefer everything to “just work” we offer managed pricing plans. With a managed plan AcceleratXR handles all the hard work for you. From maintaining infrastructure to scaling services, data backups, covering the bandwidth charges and more. Our team makes sure that your cluster(s) stay up and running at all times. Our pricing is based on a per monthly active user rate to keep billing as simple as possible.

How do you count MAU?

MAU is the total number of unique users that have accessed your cluster in a given monthly billing period. To put this more simply, each unique user that makes an API call to your game or app’s cluster from any device during the month is counted as a single unique user. If the same user accesses the cluster from multiple devices and over multiple days and weeks throughout the month they are still only counted once.

What kind of support do I get with AcceleratXR?

All paying customers get dedicated support through our ticket system.

Each tier has higher SLA compared to lower plans with guaranteed response times based on the severity of the issue. At the Studio and Enterprise levels, customers have access to a private Slack channel, direct engineering support and are able to schedule times to ask questions and discuss their products by phone.

Enterprise customers receive dedicated engineering support for their titles whereby we will provide best practices, guidelines and title specific assistance. Consultation services are also available to enterprise customers needing integration assistance or custom solutions.

Access to source code for premium features is given to customers of all self-hosted plans as well as the managed Enterprise plan for the duration of the support contract.

What does AcceleratXR do with collected data?

Absolutely nothing. Any user or product data collected through the use of AcceleratXR managed services is 100% yours. We will never analyze, mine, or process collected data without express written authorization from you. We will never sell your data to a third party.
We do collect a small amount of anonymous usage data and statistics about individual services for the purpose of improving the products and services that we provide to you. This data will never be sold or shared with a third party.
We may also request access to your data in order to provide support assistance and services at your request and only after written authorization has been given.

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