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Custom Scripting – Managing Data Structures (Part 3/5)

This is part three of our series on scripting with AcceleratXR. In part two we discussed how to create new custom REST API endpoints. In part three we will build upon that to create a REST API that serves as a RESTful interface to a custom data structure. Go ahead and open up your test workspace in Visual Studio Code and let’s get started. In AcceleratXR, data storage is managed using a strictly typed system of classes that are stored…

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Custom Scripting – Extending the REST API (Part 2/5)

Welcome to the second installment of our series on custom scripting using the AcceleratXR Live Scripting System. In part one we covered the AcceleratXR Script Manager and how to create a workspace, sync scripts and work in Visual Studio Code. This article will focus on extending the platform REST API by creating entirely new endpoints that titles can access to enable custom behavior, new data storage access and more. AcceleratXR is built upon the open source project ComposerJS. ComposerJS is…

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