Custom Scripting – Background Services (Part 4/5)

Greetings and welcome back to our five part series on custom scripting with the AcceleratXR Live Scripting system. So far we’ve learned how to respond to web requests to transact and process data. This is great for what is likely the vast majority of use cases you’ll encounter. However it doesn’t solve every problem. Sometimes you need something proactive instead of reactive. This week’s topic is all about background services. A background service (aka job) in AcceleratXR is a special…

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Custom Scripting – Managing Data Structures (Part 3/5)

This is part three of our series on scripting with AcceleratXR. In part two we discussed how to create new custom REST API endpoints. In part three we will build upon that to create a REST API that serves as a RESTful interface to a custom data structure. Go ahead and open up your test workspace in Visual Studio Code and let’s get started. In AcceleratXR, data storage is managed using a strictly typed system of classes that are stored…

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Introducing the Live Scripting System

We are very excited to introduce you all to one of the biggest AcceleratXR platform improvements yet; our live scripting system. The scripting system turns every important piece of the AcceleratXR platform code into user editable documents through our REST API. This means developers can now add, modify or delete any code from a service without requiring forking projects and deploying custom services. With the new scripting service developers can create entirely new service endpoints, data models, background jobs and…

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Custom Scripting with AcceleratXR Script Manager (Part 1/5)

Hello everyone and welcome to the first article of a five part series discussing custom scripting with AcceleratXR. This article will focus on introducing you to the AcceleratXR Script Manager, an extension for Visual Studio Code making the management of scripts simple and powerful. The Script Manager extension allows you to interact with an AcceleratXR cluster’s scripting system by implementing a Source Control Provider. The scm provider is able to communicate with your AXR backend cluster. With the manager you…

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