We are very excited to introduce you all to one of the biggest AcceleratXR platform improvements yet; our live scripting system. The scripting system turns every important piece of the AcceleratXR platform code into user editable documents through our REST API. This means developers can now add, modify or delete any code from a service without requiring forking projects and deploying custom services. With the new scripting service developers can create entirely new service endpoints, data models, background jobs and more.

To make development easy we’ve created an extension for Visual Studio Code called the AcceleratXR Script Manager. This extension allows developers to fully manage all scripts in the platform, including the base code that ships with the platform. It is implemented as a source control provider in order to create the most straight forward and seamless experience possible.

This extension provides the following features:

  • Code in JavaScript or TypeScript
  • Synchronize platform scripts
  • Add/Edit/Remove scripts
  • Diff script changes
  • Restore deleted scripts

We’ve put together an initial guide on how to work with the new extension and will be following up with additional articles on writing code for all the different aspects of the platform.