Last month we sent out a survey to the developer community in order to better understand the current needs and wants of the industry. While we didn’t get quite as many responses as we would have liked the data was varied enough to at least give a decent cross section of different viewpoints. As promised, we are releasing the results of this survey here in order to share these findings with all of you.

One of the biggest challenges in business is coming up with a reasonable business model that offers the best value to the most people. Our mission is to provide cutting-edge AAA-quality tools and technology with the lowest barrier to entry possible. In order to achieve this ambitious goal we identified three phases early on. The most important milestone was to first build these tools and technology. As this effort is incredibly resource intensive in terms of both time and human capital it meant our reach would be relatively small at first. Only being able to onboard a handful of developers at a time. These early developers have been critical over the last three years. Working closely with them we have managed to fine tune and build the best platform technology solution in the market.

Now we are entering the second phase of our business. We are big supporters of the open source model and free software community. That’s why we have always offered the AcceleratXR platform as a royalty based solution with no up-front cost for the do-it-yourself crowd. However it’s our SaaS solution that most developers prefer as it requires the least amount of effort to get started. Yet our Managed pricing plans have long been out of reach to all but more established developers. Now that AcceleratXR has matured into a reliable, stable product we are ready to open the doors to more people.

It is with tremendous excitement that I announce a whole new pricing strategy for AcceleratXR Cloud. Starting today, we are introducing a brand new entry-level tier, named the Starter plan priced at just $9.99/mo or $0.003/MAU. This plan is for those who don’t want or need access to the entire platform as provided by our more all-you-can-eat buffet style higher tiers. It comes with everything you need to build an online game or application including account management, SSO integration, multi-factor authentication, roles-based access control (RBAC), social features including profiles, online presence, messaging and friends list as well as powerful metrics and telemetry. As with all of our plans this comes with direct database access, source code to the entire platform and features the same 99.99% uptime and SLA as our other plans.

With the introduction of this new lower price we are also introducing an a la carte system for individual features and systems so that you can pick and choose only the things you need. So if you’re an existing Indie tier customer but you really want access to our real-time multi-player session system? No problem! You can add it to your plan without having to fully move up to the Professional tier. All previously exclusive features of higher tiers can now be purchased as an add-on with a la carte pricing. The following table illustrates the pricing for these new add-ons.

Add-on Feature / System Price
Achievements $4.99/mo + $0.001/mau
Assets $9.99/mo + $0.001/mau
Economy $14.99/mo + $0.001/mau
Leaderboards $9.99/mo + $0.001/mau
Matchmaking $14.99/mo + $0.002/mau
Matchmaking Professional $29.99/mo + $0.002/mau
Persona $4.99/mo + $0.001/mau
Progression $14.99/mo + $0.001/mau
Quests $14.99/mo + $0.001/mau
Live Scripting $14.99/mo + $0.002/mau
Purchasing $19.99/mo + $0.002/mau
Server Instance $9.99/mo $0.001/mau
Sessions $9.99/mo + $0.001/mau
Sessions Professional $19.99/mo + $0.002/mau
World $14.99/mo $0.002/mau
World Studio $29.99/mo + $0.002/mau
Bring Your Own Container (BYOC) $14.99/mo + $0.002/mau per container

We have updated our pricing page to reflect this new pricing structure and have finally added back our detailed comparison table that goes in-depth on what we are offering at all pricing levels.

In addition, we are finally unveiling our latest product feature; the Purchasing system. The Purchasing system is designed for those whom want to build their own digital storefront; complete with digital wallets, entitlements, subscriptions, microtransactions and more. With integrated Stripe for payment processing this new system provides an all-in-one solution to developers that want to take complete control over their user’s experience. Some of the key features of this new system include:

  • Digital wallets
  • Product catalog
  • Customizeable categories and features
  • Sell Entitlements & Subscriptions
  • Offer infinite or limited promotion and coupon codes
  • Transaction history
  • Plug-in based payment system for easy integration to any payment provider
  • Stripe payments built-in

No digital storefront would be complete without an actual interface with which to operate it. All of our SDKs have been updated with full access to the REST API of the purchasing system so you can build a beautiful native UX directly into your game or app.

However, we understand many of you want something more, something easier, something turn-key. For that, you’ll just have to wait until our next update.