Scalable. Open source. Cross-platform. Multi-player.

Powering the best mobile games

Scale to millions of simultaneous users.

Accelerate your development team

Reimagine What is Possible with Extended Reality

The open source solution for cross-platform social Extended Reality games and applications.
AcceleratXR™ is a revolutionary technology brought to you by a team of veteran game developers that understand what it takes to reach tens of millions of daily active users. AcceleratXR™ is the only online multi-player solution available that is open source, cross-platform and deeply social. We provide the features you need most so that you can focus on building ground-breaking content.
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Our Advantage

Features First

Featuring ship-ready user management, asset management, matchmaking, managed player data and more. AcceleratXR reduces your time to market and enables your team to do what they do best; create.

Cross-Platform, Device Agnostic

With AcceleratXR users can play together on any platform from any device. Reduce user acquisition costs using our universal back-end for all your products.

Engine Integration

Get up and running quickly with our Unreal and Unity Engine plug-ins or use our general purpose SDK for custom engines.

Choose Your Own Adventure


AcceleratXR™ at it’s core is open source. That’s why we call the project AcceleratXR Core. Join the growing community of developers, check out our GitLab page, browse the online documentation, and join our Discord server. It’s free!

Premium Features & Support

For those who want to manage their own infrastructure we offer paid support plans with tiered levels of SLA to best fit your needs. Each plan also comes with access to exclusive features not available with our open source projects.

Cloud Managed Services

When you simply don’t have time to worry about managing infrastructure, dealing with scaling problems, bandwidth costs and software updates we offer fully managed hosting services for your AcceleratXR powered cluster. Our pricing is simple and transparent. You pay only for the active users you have each month.

Our Technology Powers
Meet our team

Jean-Philippe Steinmetz

Co-Founder & CEO

A veteran of the games industry Jean-Philippe has worked on some of the biggest franchises reaching millions of players globally. While his specialty has led to the development of ground-breaking engine and server technology for multi-player games like Kung Fu Panda World, Hawken and XCOM 2 his passion lies in bringing truly immersive social experiences to the masses. Jean-Philippe imagines a future in which The Oasis is real and its creation isn’t controlled by a single organization or corporation but by a collective of global developers using a single technology standard of democratized set of tools and infrastructure. It is this vision of a connected future that led him to create AcceleratXR.

Kent May

Co-Founder & CFO

Having worked in the finance industry for a decade behind the scenes at a clearing firm and being part of multiple IPOs, Kent has since moved onto the private scene.  Having worked overseas with China, Saudi Arabia and Japan he has acquired a variety of experiences and expertise in the operations and financial management of corporations based in the US.  Kent has always been involved in technology, from his first PC in the late 80’s to today nothing has captured his imagination like that of the power of computing.  The power of AcceleratXR and what it brings to the future was thus a perfect fit.  He believes completely in the vision of AcceleratXR and brings his full compliment of experience and expertise to the company.

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