Unlock limitless potential with our virtual world system.

The most complete online gaming platform

Powering the best mobile games

Accelerate your development team

Scale to millions of simultaneous users

Reimagine What is Possible with Extended Reality

The Most Complete Online Gaming Platform
AcceleratXR™ technology enables teams of any size and experience to build successful multi-player experiences at massive scale. Our platform offers over 20 unique systems and features that have been carefully designed to help your development team succeed. We don't just get your project online quickly, we get your project to ship within budget and ahead of schedule.
AcceleratXR MMO Platform

More Features

AcceleratXR offers over 20 unique systems and features to help you build any game your team can dream of. Don’t waste time writing cloud scripts for things that should just work out of the box.

Cross-Play on Any Device

Connect players across any device and platform whether its console, mobile, PC, and VR. With AcceleratXR, cross-play is easy.

Integrate Anywhere

Our SDK easily integrates with any engine in minutes; including deep integration to Unreal and Unity. Integrate any of our back-end services directly into existing infrastructure. Our flexibility is endless!

Own Your Data

Whether running AcceleratXR in your cloud or ours you have complete and total control over your data. Don’t risk lost or stolen data using shared databases on someone else’s backend. Take back control of your data.

Source Code

AcceleratXR provides total access to our source code. Don’t just wonder what is happening under the hood, dig in and find out!

We Succeed When You Do

AcceleratXR™ Core

Anyone can get started building with the AcceleratXR platform at no initial cost. Download the source code, browse the documentation online, and connect with our developer community on Discord– Pay nothing until you succeed!

AcceleratXR™ Professional

Access to exclusive premium features, priority bug fixes and direct technical assistance from the AcceleratXR™ team. Our support subscription plans offer best-in-class SLA and a reduced total cost of ownership.

AcceleratXR™ Cloud

Let us be your LiveOps team. We offer fully-managed hosting services to cover the infrastructure, scaling issues, bandwidth costs, and software updates for your project. Pricing is simple– Only pay for the active users each month.


Our solution can save teams 80% or more on total development costs.

Using AcceleratXR technology teams can get their product to market faster than ever before.

Let us reduce your risk and increase your chances of success by leveraging our expertise and economies of scale.

Our Technology Powers
Meet our team

Ryan Dumouchelle

Backend & Mobile Wizard

A generalist of many languages, Ryan routinely finds himself in a variety of development projects. From MMORPGs and MOBAs to mobile animation engines to web cryptocurrency apps his contracting career in game development has taken him into many coding environments. The prospect of a new challenge continually driving him, his focus remains to efficiently help people take their interactive ideas from paper to deployment.

Jean-Philippe Steinmetz

Online & Networking Warrior

A veteran of the games industry Jean-Philippe has worked on some of the biggest franchises reaching millions of players globally. While his specialty has led to the development of ground-breaking engine and server technology for multi-player games like Kung Fu Panda World, Hawken and XCOM 2 his passion lies in bringing truly immersive social experiences to the masses. Jean-Philippe envisions the Oasis is real and its creation isn’t controlled by a single organization or corporation but by a collective of global developers using democratized tools and infrastructure like AcceleratXR.

Justin Walker

Unity Magician

Justin Walker is a game designer and engineer with 10 years of experience. He has worked on varying projects in the children’s gaming space from system and game design to UI and Web-Services.  Recently, he has worked in the mobile space developing apps and games for clients in need of his particular skills and talents. His hobbies include writing and music production.  He is an ardent believer in Dan Harmon’s story circle.

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