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Scale to millions of simultaneous users

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Create deeply social interactive games and applications
AcceleratXR™ is the only complete MMO technology solution enabling teams to build custom online platforms and backends for games and entertainment apps that can scale to millions of daily active users. Our mission is to provide a revolutionary suite of tools and technology that will power the next generation of deeply social and connected online games and entertainment apps. With AcceleratXR™ teams can save thousands of hours and significantly reduced time to market.
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AcceleratXR is a fully modular, source available, backend solution that simplifies game development. A vast library of easy to use plug-ins, turnkey systems and features has all the tools needed to build cutting-edge games including MMOs and social VR apps.

Cross-Platform, Device Agnostic

Create a truly social interactive experience, playable across any platform or device. Console, mobile, PC, and VR users can finally connect and enjoy the same game.

Engine Integration

Deep integration with Unreal and Unity. A user-friendly SDK for custom engines makes building an original app easy and fast.

Affordable solutions for everyone

AcceleratXR™ Core

An online platform with dozens of ship-ready systems and features. Download the complete source code, browse documentation online, and connect with AcceleratXR’s developer community on Discord– Usage is free for indie games!

AcceleratXR™ Professional

Access to exclusive premium features, priority bug fixes and direct technical assistance from the AcceleratXR™ team: Each support subscription plan offers best-in-class SLA.

AcceleratXR™ Cloud

Fully-managed hosting services cover the infrastructure, scaling issues, bandwidth costs, and software updates for an AcceleratXR™ powered cluster. Pricing is simple– Only pay for the active users each month.

Our Technology Powers
Meet our team

Jean-Philippe Steinmetz

Co-Founder & CEO

A veteran of the games industry Jean-Philippe has worked on some of the biggest franchises reaching millions of players globally. While his specialty has led to the development of ground-breaking engine and server technology for multi-player games like Kung Fu Panda World, Hawken and XCOM 2 his passion lies in bringing truly immersive social experiences to the masses. Jean-Philippe imagines a future in which The Oasis is real and its creation isn’t controlled by a single organization or corporation but by a collective of global developers using a single technology standard of democratized set of tools and infrastructure. It is this vision of a connected future that led him to create AcceleratXR.

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